About us

An experience that you'll never forget starts here

The Area

The magic begins already on the way.When Route 90 leads you to -435 below the sea line, the lowest place in the world, and the powerful yet modest view of the Dead Sea is revealed, body and mind begin to leave unconsciously the intensity of the day behind.Something here, in the air,makes you to focus on the here and now. A peaceful feeling goes through your body from head to toe. This is exactly the way to start an unforgettable vacation.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays undergo natural filtration, which allows tanning without getting burns and is also used naturally in various medicines. Along the coast are natural “healing water” sources, rich in minerals and natural heat, combined with black mud, an ideal base for health and beauty treatments.

Our Story

This is a story of Avi Barkai and Ben Shukroon, mischievous childhood friends who grew up in Kibbutz Ein Gedi. Avi and Ben attended together to the same school for 12 years, the military service, and shared the same caravan on a trip to Australia. They both shared the same values of love for the country, love for home, and, no less important, the same dream that comes true before your eyes.

Today, after a long journey and with a sack full of experiences with ups and downs, satisfied with all the things they achieved, they returned home. Both have families and live in Kibbutz Ein Gedi (how not?), and like most people, they recognized the magic lies in this special place. They decided to pursue the dream, equipped with motivation and tons of ambition with no intention to stop. 

The vision that leads us is to enable an experience suitable for every pocket with exceptional eye-level hospitality.

A wise man said:
“You see things; you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?”
George Bernard Shaw